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Hear the buzz about Core Solutions Limited, Apple Reseller, Bedfordshire

Tesco, every little helps...

When Tesco required a new publishing solution they turned to Core for help and advice. Core configured the network so that the Mac workstationsran off an enterprise-class Apple Storage Area Network (SAN) solution at a fraction of the price of other solutions on the market.

Apple Xsan gives excellent central storage resources and high availability of data without compromising on performance or scalability. A huge amount of data is backed up each night using PresStore Backup to an LTO autoloader with dual drives, doubling backup capacity. The primary RAID is also backed up to a second RAID unit using PresStore Synchronise for total peace of mind. The Core package was installed and implemented meeting all project scheduled deadlines. The equipment is supported on an ongoing basis by the Core technical team, who even go on-site and execute backups when internal technical staff are on holiday.

Dyson, a cleaner solution...

Dyson uses Roaming Home Folders on 125+ Apple computers, so that a user can log on to any Mac and have their desktop layout and settings. This gives flexibility to design staff working on different projects and office locations. The users and groups are controlled by a single Open Directory covering three continents and load balanced across multiple servers. The Apple solution at Dyson consists of 25 Apple Xserve servers running 2 independent Apple Xsans with a total of 7 RAID storage units, connected by Fibre and all managed by Apple Remote Desktop. The solution also includes the use of dedicated servers running Apple Software Update Server for deployment, Apple File Services for both Mac and Windows, Open Directory Replicas and Helios UB+ as the file system for their mission critical Adobe InDesign server based global publishing system.
Apple Xsan is a high performance, enterprise class Storage Area Network (SAN) file system for Mac OS X.
For additional data protection, everything is backed up to dual 48 slot HP LTO autoloaders with multiple drives to double the backup throughput using PresStore Backup.

Melville, assets worth sharing...

For exhibition graphics leaders Melville Graphics, the latest Apple Xserve has revolutionised the management of their ever-expanding archive of digital visual assets. Time and process efficiencies have been gained by the company’s design team.

Over the years the company has faced significant increases, both in individual file size and in the number of files created for each client, which has impacted on the design team. Valuable time was spent trying to locate the right digital asset for each project.

Core installed a powerful Apple Xserve-based asset management solution, which since solved all of these problems. A Font Server solution was also installed streamlining the font management process and the Apple Open Directory binded to the Windows Active Directory to give IT total control over the companies security.

Polestar, impressive cost saving...

The Polestar Group, one of the largest printers in the UK,  has launched Isis, an internet-based service that provides a comprehensive workflow system for managing and controlling the production of magazines and catalogues.

Core was chosen to supply, install and configure three Apple Xserve servers in a hosted environment because of our knowledge and expertise on the Apple platform. Core also handle all on-going service and support. Polestar decided to outsource this project because of the impressive cost savings over managing the equipment in-house.