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Unlimited web backup for Apple Mac workstations for only £5/month.

Server Backup
Could your business survive if you lost your important data? We believe that every business should have secure online data backup for emails, database files and accounts data files. Our solution will automate the backup process allowing your staff to concentrate on their core tasks. Online Data Backup enables you to set and forget your daily backup process giving you maximum data protection with minimum effort.

Core online data backup solution is an essential element of any business continuity strategy. Should disaster strike, Core will get your business up and running again – fast!

Cost to backup my server?
Backup your server from only 99p per Gb/mth for server data storage and £17.60/mth for a server backup plugin.


Workstation Backup
Important business data resides on your employees' computers. We offer unlimited data backup for Intel-based Mac computers.

We back up your data continuously to ensure employees can get their most recent work back.

Data is encrypted on the computer, sent over an encrypted connection, and stored encrypted.

Your Mac data is backed up over the Internet. No managing tape drives or external hard drives required. Your data is kept safe in an off-site location.

Cost to backup my Apple workstation?
No need to worry how much data employees need to backup on their Apple Mac workstation - our solution is unlimited. Yes, unlimited web back up from your Intel Apple Mac for only £5/month!