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Apple Server Solutions

Apple Servers
We supply and install lots of Apple Server Solutions every month based on either Mac Mini or Mac Pro technology. These are very reliable and offer great performance. You might also like to talk to us about  system failover and disaster recovery which we have configured at some customer sites.

Apple Xsan
We still install and maintain Xsan environments. Apple Xsan enables multiple Apple servers to share RAID storage volumes over a high-speed network. Each client can read and write directly to the centralised file system, accelerating user productivity while improving workgroup collaboration. Core can configure and support an Apple Xsan solution for your business.

Disaster Recovery
Simple disaster recovery, where data can be replicated and then synchronised on an ongoing basis. The synchronisation can be from one server storage unit to another, across a LAN (local area network) or extended WAN (wider area network) by moving data to an Apple Server at a remote site or another location.

 Apple Server And Storage Solution Expert


No one ever regretted buying an Apple Server solution from Core


RAID Storage
We offer premier storage solutions for creative professionals and multimedia enthusiasts. Now delivering even faster performance with the new 20Gb/s Thunderbolt 2 technology, while assuring enterprise-class reliability and ease of use.

Kerio Connect Mailserver
Kerio Connect is an email server for Apple Mac OS X. Its main components include integrated mobile email for all popular smartphones (inc. iPhone), anti-spam and anti-virus protection, Outlook and Entourage support, archiving and backup. Groupware features include shared email, calendars, contacts, notes and tasks. Kerio MailServer fully supports Active Directory and Apple Open Directory for user management. The ideal companion for your Apple Server!

Font Server
How much time are your creative professionals spending trying to sort out font conflicts and corrupt fonts on their Apple computer? These are major issues for most companies causing hours of lost productivity. Installing the Extensis Unified Type Server on your Apple Server will mean that everyone works with one set of clean fonts saving your hours!

Picture Database
Digital Asset Management (DAM) is about centralizing the rich media files you produce every day, making them easily searched, efficiently re-purposed, and available for distribution from your Apple Server. Save valuable time and improve efficiency.