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Core Care Silver managed support for Apple Mac computers

Remote Support
Unlimited remote access to our team of Apple Certified Technicians. You don't have to waste valuable, deadline-driven time troubleshooting your own technology. You call us or raise a Help Desk ticket and we take responsibility for resolving the issue, and you return to focusing on your job. We will answer all of your technology questions ... third-party software, purchasing, troubleshooting, the Internet, email and more.

On-Site Support
When trouble strikes, CoreCare Silver Support clients get priority on-site support. You won't worry about how long it takes a technician to complete a job and you won't be surprised with unexpected labour bills. Parts are not included.

Unlimited Web Backup
Your data will be continuously backed up from your Mac desktop or laptop (exc. servers). Think about how much time and money it will cost if you lose all your data and have no backup. Hard drive failures happen all the time and backups are not fail-safe. Nothing hurts worse than attempting to retrieve from a backup only to discover the files were never backed up!

Scheduled Support Visits
Many small businesses don't have enough time or skill to handle the crucial but time-consuming duties of software updates and preventive maintenance. When you're a CoreCare Silver Support client, we do it for you. You don't have to scour online forums looking for reasons why your most critical application won't launch post update. We take care of all this so you can focus on tasks that drive your business forward.

Free Installations
If you need software upgrades or want to upgrade your hardware, then Core will install this free of charge as long as you purchase the goods from Core. There will be a charge for installation of additional items.

iPhone Support
If you don't have one, then you probably want one, and we support that! As long as your iPhone is synced to a Mac that we actively manage, then iPhone support is included at no additional charge.

* More than 20 users?
We support big companies as well. Contact us for a quote.