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Apple Mac Repairs - Quality Apple Repairs by the Apple Authorised Service Provider in bedfordshire. Fast & Responsive Repairs

At Core, our business is service!
Apple repairs. As an Apple Authorised Service Provider we provide expert, certified and experienced technicians to handle all your in-warranty or out-of-warranty repairs, upgrades and support. Our helpful, prompt and courteous service staff can also do on-site Apple repair and upgrade work at your business or home.

How to get Apple support
If your Apple Mac is still under warranty, or is covered by Apple Care, then bring it to our offices any business day between 9am and 5.30pm. Our staff will book your Mac into our system. You will be given an estimate on turnaround time for your Apple service. Most Apple service repair procedures are completed in 3-5 business days.
apple authorised service provider bedfordshire

Unfortunately we are unable to offer service while you wait.

Out of Warranty Apple Repairs
If your Apple Mac hardware is out of warranty, then we will still repair it for you. We will charge you £50 + vat inspection fee when you deliver the item for repair. Once an Apple Certified Technician has diagnosed the problem, you will be given a estimate for the repair.

We strongly recommend that you back up your data, files, pictures, videos and music prior to any Apple service activity. If this is inconvenient for you, we can do a backup for you prior to your service for an additional fee.

Workshop Repair @ £75 + vat per hour